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mom is on a business trip, just sends this to me, no message, no subject, just emails me this pic


mom is on a business trip, just sends this to me, no message, no subject, just emails me this pic



so i was in choir today and this dude wouldn’t get away from the piano but i needed to find my starting pitch so i told him to play me a d and he didn’t listen to me so i yelled “I NEED THE D, CARL” and then i realized what i said

hey y’all


i got carl to give me the d


*Tries to sing Cosette’s part*

*shatters three windows, kills four people, destroys a house*



Do you ever just stop and think

Would my favourite character actually like me as a person?

Do you ever just stop and think

Would I like this character if they were a real person?



"why do black girls smack their lips and roll their necks all the time" idk why do white boys fuck their pets and shoot their classmates



it’s ironic how middle school boys will make fun of the gay kid but then draw dicks on literally everything


someone shouted “do it for the vine” at the train station earlier and i was afraid for my fucking life


Check out that awesome googly-eyed velociraptor! He’s a giant industrial origami project called KitRex and he was created by Lehigh University grad student Lisa Glover.

"KitRex began as a homework assignment where I was asked to research a manufacturing process and demonstrate it in a unique way. I decided to research Industrial Origami, and over the course of 50 hours I designed, cut, and built a wearable 15-ft long velociraptor out of cardboard. I took him to a costume ball, and when I tromped into the room, literally everyone stopped to stare. He was the star of the evening, and everyone wanted one. I knew I had to do something."

Lisa then started (and successfully funded) a KitRex Kickstarter project to help her mass-produce an adorable 3-foot-long KitRex (since most people don’t have the space for a 15-ft paper dino). After months of prototyping and testing with kids between 8 - 12 years old, the final KitRex was born as a bristol board model that’s easily flat-packed and shipped anywhere (But you have to add your own googly eyes). A few lucky Kickstarter contributors were rewarded with giant 15-foot KitRexes of their very own.

Lisa isn’t quite ready to ship the KitRex, but for the time being you can click here to download a free pattern that fits on a standard 8x10 sheet of paper. It’ll be like playing with a dino hatchling.

[via Uproxx and KitRex]